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BITUMEN IRAQ is a company that sets out with the principle of producing solution-oriented products without compromising on quality through R&D and UR&D-based work in Iraq, Turkey, and Iraq. It manufactures technical products needed by the sector, following high-quality standards comprehensively and in detail. BITUMEN IRAQ provides added value to the sector with the principle of continuously conducting technical support operations successfully with its professional team on the field.

Bitumen products we provide for our components;

BITUMEN 40/50 – BITUMEN 50/60 – BITUMEN 50/70 – BITUMEN 60/70 – BITUMEN 70/100 – BITUMEN 80/100 – BITUMEN 100/150 – BITUMEN 160/220 – We can respond to all orders with penetration values ​​ranging from 10 to 300.

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